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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

When we first embarked on our journey to create the perfect pomskies we knew that many people would see it as a way to make money without doing the necessary research and buying the best dogs for their programs. We also expected to have many breeders and individuals that did not agree with what we were doing. In anticipation of all of this we created the Pomsky Club of America shortly after we delivered the first planned litter of true pomskies. We created the PCA to hold breeders to a higher standard so that buyers could safely buy a pomsky knowing that it was dna verified and that their breeder was maintaining the highest standards for their dogs and puppies. We also needed to keep records of breedings, pedigrees and dna results as well as inform the public. There are countless websites about pomskies now and most of the authors have never even owned a pomsky or even know how to spell pomsky. Most the photos on these sites are huskies or Pomeranians or photos stolen from PCA breeder sites. There are also countless blogs and forums bashing pomskies with no knowledge or proof of their accusations. Unfortunately the internet gives a voice to everyone but that does not mean we should listen. For accurate information on pomskies please see our Q and A section. For pictures of real pomskies you can see any of our approved breeder sites. 

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