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 Approved PCA Breeders



I have been getting word that breeders are saying they are endorsed by the PCA when they are not. As of now these are the only breeders that have been vetted by and approved by the Pomsky Club of America. Be wary of anyone else saying they are already approved.


Apex Pomskies - Prescott, AZ


Rose Peek Pomskies - Prescott, AZ

Precious Pomskies - Topeka, KS



Northern California Pomskies - Grass Valley, CA

Paramount Pomskies - Prescott, AZ



Patriot Pomskies - Marshfield, MO

Paramount Pomskies - Nashville, TN

Pomsky Pawz- Redding, CA


Cedar Creek Pomskies- Nebraska

Patriot Pomskies - Stafford, MO

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