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How to find a reputable Pomsky Breeder:


So you've decided you want a Pomsky! You've done your research and you've read up on both Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians so you can be prepared and know what you can expect from your potential new puppy. Pomskies are absolutely adorable, there is no doubt, but you are left wondering, where can you get the perfect puppy for you?

When you’re looking to buy a specific type of dog, you want to find a reputable breeder. This can be a challenge with any breed, but especially with a new and rare hybrid like the Pomsky. You can find guides online on how to find a reputable breeder, but most of these guides do not fully apply to a hybrid breeder, they are usually geared more for the large kennel clubs like the AKC and with Pomskies as there is often more to consider. Here we will endeavor to offer you a clear guide on choosing the best breeder for you.

First of all don’t let your desire for a puppy right now send you to a less-than-reputable source. Hopefully, you’re going to live with the dog you choose for a decade or longer; it’s worth waiting to get a dog who has a better chance of making those years happy ones. Good breeders do not have puppies available at all times, and they often have waiting lists for the puppies they produce, so you may have to wait for your ideal dog.

The PCA offers a list of recommended Pomsky breeders that all follow the same code of ethics (!code-of-ethics/cxmf). Each breeder has a way to contact them via an online source. In recent years the Internet has become a great way to connect with reputable breeders. Using the Internet you can check out their websites, join their Facebook pages to see updates on past puppies, connect with other families and join in on current discussions. Although this is a great tool please be aware that bad breeders know how to use the Internet to their advantage as well and they will happily sell you one of their puppies. Auction sites have also popped up, where the puppy or dog in question goes to the highest bidder, no questions asked. Good breeders use their websites to educate, bad ones use it to move their dogs like merchandise. Proceed carefully!

Below are a few guidelines to remember when searching for a reputable Pomsky breeder. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us or one of the approved breeders on the PCA's website.


A reputable breeder:


  • Takes responsible care of all of his or her dogs (breeding stock & puppies), and provides:

    • Sufficient companionship, affection, interaction & attention

    • Nutritious quality dog food & fresh clean water

    • Adequate shelter

    • Immunization

    • Proper vet care

    • Parasite prevention/treatment

    • Grooming

    • Exercise

    • Socialization

  • Abides by a set Code of Ethics.

  • Only breeds dogs that have excellent temperaments.

  • Is very knowledgeable about both Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians and provides information on what to expect in their puppy. (Due to the fact that Pomskies as a breed are still in their infancy, a comprehensive standard in temperament and appearance will not be available since these things are still under development. If a breeder makes any guarantees about a puppy's weight, coat or temperament it should be considered a red flag, we can only make estimates and a good breeder will be honest about this.)

  • Strives to better their breed. (Pomskies, although still under development as stated above, are intended to be a miniature husky-like dog in appearance. The goal should always be to achieve this. If a breeder is consistently producing puppies that do not meet this goal they may not have the best interests of the breed at heart. It takes a lot of time, research, experience and investment to get just the right breeding stock to produce the ideal Pomsky. Not every puppy in a litter will meet this goal and that is understandable, but it should be apparent that a breeder is striving to improve the quality of their puppies.)

  • Immunizes their puppies' Sires and Dams (& their Puppies)

  • Screens potential owners thoroughly, and does not sell to those who are unsuitable. *A reputable breeder wants to know as much about you, your household, your schedule and your ability to properly care for a puppy (throughout its entire lifetime), as you want to know about the breeder's puppies.

  • Requires Spay/Neuter contracts on all puppies and will only provide breeding right to those extensively screened and approved as breeders.

  • Offers new puppy owners guidance and support for the puppy's entire lifetime.

  • NEVER sells puppies to puppy brokers, pet shops or puppy outlets of any kind. Period. Important Note: Many pet stores and puppy brokers tell prospective puppy buyers that their puppies come from reputable breeders, even though the large majority of these places actually get their puppies from puppy mills and second-rate commercial breeding facilities. The bottom line is: NO reputable breeder will ever sell their puppies to a pet store or puppy broker, and NO pet store or puppy broker will ever admit to getting their puppies from a puppy mill.

  • Never breeds out of greed and never over-breeds. (If a breeder has far too many puppies than they could reasonably care for adequately at one time or they have over 10 breeding adult dogs, it would be wise to consider what kind of breeder they really are.)

  • Will provide veterinary references and past puppy owner references upon request.

  • Will provide a written contractual commitment to the health of the puppy.

  • Will have prices on the higher end of what's average. (It's important to note however, that due to the high demand for Pomsky puppies even breeders who are less-than-reputable are able to sell their puppies for the higher end of average. So this should not be a deciding factor, only a consideration when you see "a really good deal" as there are many Pomsky scams to be aware of.)

  • Will have the Sire and Dam on site, unless a stud service was provided in which case all information about the Stud, including photos, will be provided.

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